Potężna spawarka MIG TIG MMA 3in1 Inverter MT-300i
Potężna spawarka MIG TIG MMA 3in1 Inverter MT-300i
Potężna spawarka MIG TIG MMA 3in1 Inverter MT-300i
Potężna spawarka MIG TIG MMA 3in1 Inverter MT-300i
Potężna spawarka MIG TIG MMA 3in1 Inverter MT-300i
Potężna spawarka MIG TIG MMA 3in1 Inverter MT-300i


Znamionowe napięcie wejściowe
1PH ~ 230V ± 15%
MAX.Load Power Capacity
Znamionowe wyjście
300A / 22V
Maksymalne napięcie obwodu otwartego
70V ~ 80V
Mechanizm podawania drutu
4 Walce
Prędkość podawania drutu
0 ~ 25 m / min
1 rok gwarancji
790 x 250 x 650 mm (Dł. X szer. X wys.)
32 kg


Opis produktu

  • MT-300i

    Compact design, heavy duty powers

    • Application:

      Metal Fabrication
      Maintenance and Repair
      Auto Body
      Light Industrial
    • Processes:

      Pulse MIG
      Double Pulse MIG
    • Input Power: 400V, 3-Phase Amperage

      Range: 30-300A
      Rated Output at 40°C (104°F):
      300A at29V @60% Duty Cycle
      Weight: 32KG


    The short-circuiting metal transfer mode

    The short-circuiting metal transfer mode is the low heat input mode of metal transfer for GMAW and has higher electrode efficiencies, 93% or more. The low heat input reduces weldment distortion and makes it ideal for sheet metal thickness materials.


    Use the spot and cycle arc timer you can easily control the welding time and the stitch length during the continue spot welding jobs. Spot/Stitch mode provides a quick and effective means for spot welding mild, galvanized or stainless materials. Very useful for the car body repairs.


    • 4-Rolls wire-feeder with strong feeding motor. Four-roll drive systems deliver the electrode to the welding torch. It provides a stable wire speed and is popular for industrial applications.

    Lift TIG Mode

    • Lift TIG Modeprovides TIG arc initiation without the use of high frequency. Touch, bump or scratch the work surface with the electrode to start the arc.It also has a good result in tig welding.

    General View of Control Panel

    1. Spot/Stick welding TIME 1:

    on welding time adjustment knob.

    2. Spot/Stick welding TIME 2:

    off welding time adjustment knob.

    3. Spot/stick welding mode selection knob.

    4. Welding Voltage regulator.

    5. Welding Current regulator.

    6. Arc Force regulator.

    7. Power/working pilot lamp.

    8. Arc Force regulator.

    9. Over-load/Over-heat Protection

    or Damage pilot lamp.

    10. Volmeter.

    11. MMA/MIG welding mode selection.

    12. 2T/4T selection.


  • Item No MT-300i
    Rated Input Voltage 3PH ~ 400V ±15%
    Max. Load Power Capacity 12.04KVA
    Rated Duty Cycle(40) 60% TIG:300A/22V
      MIG: Separated Wire-feeder: 300A/29V
      MIG: Internal Wire-feeder: 250A/26.5V
      MMA: 250A/28V
    100% TIG:250A/20V
      MIG: 250A/26.5V
    Welding Current/Voltage Range TIG:30A/11.2V~300A/22V
      MIG: 30A/15.5V~300A/29V
    Open Circuit Voltage 70~80V
    Power Factor 0.85
    Efficiency 85%
    Pre-Gas Time Preset
    Flow-Gas Time Preset
    Wire-feed Mechanism 4 Rollers
    Wire-feed Speed Range 0~25 m/min
    Wire Spool Capacity 300mm (15kg)
    Filler Wires Ø (mm) Fe, Ss: 0.6~1.2 mm
    Dimension 790X250X650mm
    Weight 32KG
  • For Standard accessories



    MIG torch:MIG-24



    Electrode holder with cable 2M
    Earth clamp with cable 2M



    TIG torch:TIG-26

    For Optional accessories



    Argon gas regular
    or co 2 gas regular with heater



    Push-pull Troch:

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