Wysokiej jakości maszyna do cięcia CUT-130H
Wysokiej jakości maszyna do cięcia CUT-130H
Wysokiej jakości maszyna do cięcia CUT-130H
Wysokiej jakości maszyna do cięcia CUT-130H
Wysokiej jakości maszyna do cięcia CUT-130H


Znamionowe napięcie wejściowe
3PH ~ 400V ± 15%
Max. Załaduj moc
26,1 kVA
Znamionowa wartość wyjściowa produktu
Znamionowe napięcie w obwodzie otwartym
Cykl roboczy przy 40 ° C (104 ° F)
60% @ 130A
1 rok gwarancji
45 KG


Opis produktu

  • CUT-130H

    Professional-grade power plasma for cutting 30mm thickness metal @500mm/min

    • Light Industrial Application:

      Home workshop
      Metal workshops
      Light fabrication
      Repair and maintenance
    • These Materials:

      Mild Steel
      Stainless Steel
    • Input Power: 340-460V, 3-Phase

      Amperage Range: 30-130A
      Rated Output at 40℃ (104℉):
      130A at @60% Duty Cycle
      Weight: 45KG


    Maximum productivity

    Cutting 30mm@500mm/min ensures the maximum pro ductivity(optional torch).

    Finish jobs much faster with cut speeds greater than oxyfuel.

    Spend less time on grinding and edge preparation due to superior cut quality.

    Easy-to-use with versatile design

    Very easy to use, even for first time operators.

    Non-HF type available: Starts without high-frequency so it will not have electromagnetic interfere.

    Tackle different jobs with multiple, easy-to-use torches.

    Easy to work with CNC system.

    Low operating cost

    Reduce costs with long consumable life and more uptime.

    High power efficiency lowers energy consumption.

    Rugged and reliable

    TOPWELL Certified reliability ensures performance in the most demanding environment.

    Powercool design cools internal components more effectively for long system life and improved uptime.

    General View of Control Panel

    • 1.Ammeter/Voltmeter Display

      2.Encoder Control



    CapacityThicknessCut speed
    Severance(hand cutting)60mm125mm/min

    *Pierce rating for handheld use or with automatic torch height control

    Non-HF Arc Ignition system

    • Torch off.
    • By pressing the trigger the torch will be fed by the current thus causing a temporary short circuit betweenelectrode and tip.
    • The air then pushes up the small piston, thuscreating, between the electrode and the tip, the distance needed to strike the pilot arc.
    • By positioning the torch on the part to be cut, theplasma arc will strike.

    Torches with pilot arc cut in without high frequency.

    Less electromagnetic disturbance, with consequent absence of problems for any electronic, radio, television, telephone and computer systems in the vicinity of the cutting positions.

    Less electric stress on the torch - and on the respective connecting cables - due to the absence of the high voltage necessary for striking the arc Greater simplicity in comparson with other torches(without high frequency) on the market,with a consequent decrease of the risks of jamming in the mechanical pneumatic movement for striking the arc. Subject to wear (electrode, tips, nozzles, diffusers etc.), thanks to the better cooling of the torch obtained by reducing the insulating thicknesses (without endangering the safety parameters).


  • Item No CUT-130H
    Input voltages (±15%) 340-460V, 3-PH, 50-60Hz
    Max Input current 340/460V, 76/56A
    Output current 30-130A
    Rated output voltage 132V
    Duty cycle @ 40° C (104° F) 60% @130A
      100% @100A
    Open circuit voltage (OCV) 280V
    Dimensions 680x310x650mm
    Weight 45kg
    Gas supply Air (clean, dry and oil-free)
    Recommended gas inlet flow rate/pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
    Power supply type Inverter – IGBT
    Electrical efficiency 80%
    Max. Load Power Capacity 26.1KVA
    Certifications CE, RoHS
    Warranty Power supply: 3-year Torch: 1-year

    For CNC




    PLASMA torch: A101P

    Current: 50-100A

    Duty Cycle 60%: 75A

    Gas Pressure: 5.0Bar

    Gas Flow: 180L/min

    Ignition: HF




    PLASMA torch: STM-120

    Current: 40-120A

    Duty Cycle 60%: 120A

    Air pressure: 5.0-6.0Bar

    Gas Flow: 300L/min

    Ignition: Without HF

    For Hand



    PLASMA torch: A101

    Current: 30-140A

    Duty Cycle 60%: 140A

    Gas Pressure:5.0Bar

    Gas Flow: 210L/min





    PLASMA torch: PT-100

    Current: 40-120A

    Duty Cycle 60%: 75A

    Air pressure: 5.0Bar

    Gas Flow: 180L/min

    Ignition: Without HF

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