ALUMINIUM mig Spawarka ALUMIG-350CP z chłodzeniem wodnym
ALUMINIUM mig Spawarka ALUMIG-350CP z chłodzeniem wodnym
ALUMINIUM mig Spawarka ALUMIG-350CP z chłodzeniem wodnym
ALUMINIUM mig Spawarka ALUMIG-350CP z chłodzeniem wodnym
ALUMINIUM mig Spawarka ALUMIG-350CP z chłodzeniem wodnym
ALUMINIUM mig Spawarka ALUMIG-350CP z chłodzeniem wodnym


Znamionowe napięcie wejściowe
3PH ~ 400V ± 15%
MAX.Load Power Capacity
15,26 KVA
Znamionowe wyjście
350A / 31,5V
Maksymalne napięcie obwodu otwartego
70V ~ 80V
Mechanizm podawania drutu
4 Walce
Zakres prędkości podawania drutu
0 ~ 25 m / min
1 rok gwarancji
960 x 420 x 1400 mm
80 kg


Opis produktu

  • ALUMIG-350CP

    Synergic, Pulse MIG and Double Pulse MIG

    • Application:

      Metal fabrication workshops
      Shipyards and offshore industry
      Chemical and process industry
      Steel structure workshops
    • Processes:

      Pulse MIG
      Double Pulse MIG
    • Input Power: 400V, 3-Phase

      Amperage Range: 10-350A
      Rated Output at 40°C (104°F):
      350A at 31.5V @60% Duty Cycle



    The synergic operation of the machine makes it easy to use, even for the beginning welder. Simply set wire type and diameter, then choose a wire speed. Now you’re off to weld! As wire speed increases/decreases, the arc voltage also increases/decreases to maintain a constant welding arc.


    The Pulsed MIG process works by forming one droplet of molten metal at the end of the electrode per pulse. Then, just the right amount of current is added to push that one droplet across the arc and into the puddle. The transfer of these droplets occurs through the arc, one droplet per pulse.


    • Absent or very low levels of spatter.
    • More resistant to lack of fusion defects than other modes of GMAW metal transfer.
    • Excellent weld bead appearance.
    • Reduced levels of heat induced distortion.
    • Ability to weld out-of-position.
    • Lower hydrogen deposit.
    • Reduces the tendency for arc blow.
    • Lends itself to robotic and hard automation applications.

    double Pulse MIG

    Using Waveform Control Technology, the welding machine alternates between high and low energy pulses. This combination of high and low pulses produces the "rippled" bead appearance. The high energy pulses provide a hotter arc (longer arc duration), which improves cleaning action at the base material. The low energy pulses allow the weld puddle to cool, which controls the heat input for good penetration.


    • Minimal distortion, even when gap conditions and wire placement vary.
    • Outstanding control of arc characteristics, making it easier to produce excellent welds.
    • Rippled bead appearance requires no weaving to produce a uniform bead.
    • Controls the arc length and heat input together for excellent penetration profile.
    • Controls the arc heat, making it ideal for welding thinner materials.

    General View of Control Panel

    1.SELECT the Memory channel

    2.OPEN the parameter of selected memory channel

    3.STORE the setting to Memory channel

    4. Push to Check Gas

    5.STORE Push to use Synergic Setting

    6.Welding parameter setting,rotary dial
    Adjudtment of the welding current or feeding speed.

    7.Torch Holding Mode Push to select the torch handing type:

    1)2T 2)4T 3)S4:for aluminiu welding form cold to hot situation.

    8.Welding Process Push to select:

    Welding prcess:MMA,MIG/MAG/CO2,Pulse MIG,

    Double Pulse MIG.

    9.Dia. of Welding Wire

    10.Wire Type

    11.button,throttling effect(arc dynamics)

    12.Function Sequence

    13.Welding Settings


  • Item No ALUMIG-350CP
    Rated Input Voltage 3PH ~ 400V ±15%
    Max. Load Power Capacity 15.26KVA
    Rated Duty Cycle(40) 60% 350A/31.5V
    100% MIG: 300A/29V
      MMA: 300A/32V
    Welding Current/Voltage Range MIG: 10A/14.5V~350A/31.5V
    Open Circuit Voltage 70~80V
    Power Factor 0.85
    Efficiency 85%
    Pre-Gas Time 0-15S
    Flow-Gas Time 0-15S
    Wire-feed Mechanism 4 Rollers
    Wire-feed Speed Range 0~25 m/min
    Wire Spool Capacity 300mm (15kg)
    Filler Wires Ø (mm) Fe, Ss: 0.6~1.6 mm
    FLUX CORED: 0.8~1.6 mm
    Al: 1.0~1.6mm
    Dimension 960X420X1400mm
    Weight 80KG
    Water-cooling Unit: WC-150
    Operating Voltage 230V 50/60Hz
    Rated Power 260W
    Cooling Power 1.5KW(1L/MIN)
    Maximum Pressure 0.3MPA/60HZ
    Recommended Cooling Liquid 20%~40% ethanol/water
    Tank Volume 6.5L
  • For Standard accessories



    MIG torch:MIG-24



    Earth clamp

    For Optional accessories






    Argon gas regular
    or co 2 gas regular with heater




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